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Coffehouse in Svinkløv 1950

In the 1930’s the Danish Holiday Act was enacted, which was an important milestone for the Danish tourist industry. This was especially true for the area around Svinkløv Camping where the Danes began to camp in the forests and sand dunes. In the late 1930’s the Danish Nature Agency banned free camping, and the first campsite was established on the east side of the reception and shop (where the parking lot is today). The first camp tenant was Kathrine, who lived in the restaurateur house (the house in connection with the reception and shop today)

Armoured blocking, Svinkløvvej at Faldet









In April 1940 the German troops occupied Denmark. More precisely the west coast, where the German troops had free access to overlook the expected English invasion, as well as the air traffic in and out of Aalborg.

The gate at Svinkløv Camping. 1997










Kathrine’s house was used to host the German troops. Today, the area around the campsite is characterised by this period, and old German guideposts are still to be found.

Svinkløv Camping, 1997

Svinkløv Camping, 1969










Due to mines, barbed wire and war conditions during the Second World War, tourism in the area stopped. After the war, people started to return, and in the 1950’s Svinkløv went from being an unregistered campsite with many campers in tents, to a registered campsite in 1959 with campers in tents and caravans.

Svinkløv Camping, 1984

Svinkløv Camping, 1990

Svinkløv Camping, campmap, 19xx?


Camp tenants during the time:

  • 1933-1971: Katrine Jensen.
  • 19xx-19xx: ??
  • 19xx-19xx: Dorthe and Jørn Johansen.
  • 19xx-19xx: ??
  • 1981-1996: Kaj Albrektsen.
  • 1997-2006: Jonna and Frank Jensen.
  • 2007: Ronnie Bjerregaard.
  • 2008-2011: Jonna and Frank Jensen.
  • 2012-?: Inge Vestergaard and Karsten Jepsen.


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